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The District Medical Centre announces the implementation of the Project:

“The improvement of the physical fitness of the elderly of the Grójec District
through the creation of a comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit in the District Medical Centre”.


The Project is financed by the Norwegian Funds and own funds

and is the result of an Agreement concluded between the Minister of Health

and the President of the District Medical Centre in Grójec

Project value: PLN 2,997,263.00 divided into:
75.70% - Norwegian Funds
24.30% - own funds

The Project has already been commenced and will be implemented over the next 16 months!

The Project comprises:  

  1. Modernisation and development of the Rehabilitation Unit of the Grójec District Medical Centre.
  2. Lifestyle disease screenings for the population of the Grójec District – about 7,000 persons.
  3. Training health care workers, including doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, at the organised Conferences. The aim is to provide training to about 200 health care professionals from the medical facilities of the Grójec District.
  4. Meetings with the inhabitants of the Grójec District at Conferences dedicated to lifestyle changes. 
  5. Nordic walking activities for the inhabitants of the Grójec District.
  6. Promotional campaigns in radio and press.


The effects of the programme will be:

  1. Opening a modern Rehabilitation Unit of the District Medical Centre for the inhabitants of the Grójec District in the 4th quarter of 2015. 
  2. Continuing with the prevention and health promotion principles presented at the Conferences within the framework of the Project in order to change the lifestyle of the population of the Grójec District.


We will be informing you of the progress with the implementation of the Project in the successive reports.

We invite you to participate in the Project